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basketball shoes in nbaHeavy Material Pressbrake Bending Tools Solutions

Anyone who bends heavy material knows that the tooling used to bend it can get pretty heavy, heavy material profiles with heavy tools.

When bending heavy material or high tensile strength sheet, it's not uncommon to have excessive wear on your die which results in die changeovers that are long and expensive. Eliminate the need for these time-consuming, labor-intensive die changeovers with the use of an adjustable die or replaceable shoulder die. With these dies, you are able to reduce tool wear and improve safety.  Also With the rising material and labor costs that sheet metal manufactures are facing, it's important to find ways to maximize press brake operations.

If you are  frequently running heavy and abrasive material such as stainless, hardened steel or parts that aren’t fully de-burred, or you are bending too much different sizes thick sheet and need to changeover a lot of dies or punches for each shift, then you definitely need Radius top replacable punches and V opening adjustable dies.

replacable punch tip top tools

Obviously, replaceable radius tip punches for light- or heavy-duty bending allow customers to save money by buying one punch body with numerous replaceable radius tips. Ground surfaces and induction hardening are common for optimal tool life and performance. Once the punch body is installed in the machine, the radius tip simply bolted to the punch holderm, When a different radius is needed, operator just need to take off the first tip and replace with the desired size. Tip inserts are much lighter and easier to handle than a traditional punch,  Radius punch tips are adjustment-free, so your setup time is also lessened. When working with thick material, consider a thicker bodied punch and an increased punch radius. This will help disperse the load and reduce isolated tonnage on the punch tip.

Replaceable radius press brakes punches come in two parts: the punch body and the radius tip insert. The punch body is more or less universal, meaning that it’s made to be compatible with many angles and radius tip inserts. What’s great about this is that you don’t need to purchase a new punch body every time you need a new radius.  While Replaceable Radius punches are made to withstand the challenges of heavy metal material  bending, they can bend material of any weight. Each press brake tooling is ground, full through hardened and customized made to suit your different sheet profiles bending applications.

Bottom V opening adjustable dies are a great solution for bending thick material when you need flexibility to adjust the width of heavy, large openings. Rather than buying multiple, heavy dies, the adjustable die can remain on the press brake permanently.

V opening adjustable bottom  dies

Bending V opening Adjustable dies allow you the flexibility of adjusting the V opening without the need to purchase several dies. The die remains in the machine which saves time and resources. Available for new and existing machines, with multiple configuration options available, adjustable die are manufactured for your specific needs. The adjustable die can be changed quickly to accommodate different materials or thicknesses. Rather than changing out the die for each new bend, a single operator can adjust the V opening as needed by moving. This greatly reduces changeover time and improves productivity.Adjustable V die assemblies also can be configured to remain on the press permanently and function as a standard die holder, further reducing the amount of time operators spend setting up.

Interested in replacable punch tips and V opening width adjustable dies? China AHYW Yawei Factory offers precision replaceable press brakes radius insert punches with standard profiles as well. These punches feature a bolt-on tip attachment in order to meet the strict standards of precision material bending.


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