AHYW Yawei 200T4m CNC Press Brake 4 Axis DA58T

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SboBet Casino ReviewAHYW Yawei 200T4m CNC Press Brake 4 Axis DA58T made in China AHYW Yawei 4 axis cnc syncho press brake 4m sheet metal bending applications AHYW Yawei DELEM DA58T 4 axis cnc brake press china manufactures Yawei china 200T4m CNC press brakes 4 axis for 13 ft sheet metal bending machines suppliers...

oklahoma state baylor scoreAHYW Yawei 200T4m CNC Press Brake 4 Axis DA58T made in China, DELEM DA58T calculate all axis bending positioning automatically with full loop, 200T4M cnc bending machine features 3500mm clear pass for material full bending through, 400mm standard bending throat can ensure large flange sheet profile's bending, special oil tank location design can ensure 90 degree full bending without any width limitation, 4m stainless sheet bending up to 4mm, especially suit for stainless decroration industry.

To guarantee accurate repeatable bending profiles, 4M cnc auto crowning  system can compensate for the deflection that occurs in the top ram and lower beam of the press brake when load is applied. If CNC press brake have not any deflection compensation, it’s likely that a workpiece will have some form of deformation on its center when it’s bent along the full length of the press brake. This is especially happened when you are bending sheet length over 3m and bending pressure over 100Ton, and when you are bending longer or larger metal parts, but it also can be the case when forming shorter workpieces. To keep the bend angle consistent over the full length of the part, a press brake needs a crowning system,top beam quick released clamps can adjust crowning wedge Max 1mm stroke for 15 degree difference, lower beam hydraulic crowning or mechanical crowning will get perfect sheet bending precision.

AHYW Yawei 4 axis cnc syncho press brake 4m sheet metal bending applications

AHYW Yawei DELEM DA58T 4 axis cnc brake press china manufactures

Yawei china 200T4m CNC press brakes 4 axis for 13 ft sheet metal bending machines suppliers

AHYW Yawei CNC controlled 4 axis cnc metal bending machines china manufactures

China Yawei 6mm 8mm sheet metal bending press brakes 4 axis suppliers

AHYW Yawei 200T4m CNC Press Brake 4 Axis DA58T

DELEM DA58T 2D graphical full touch screen CNC Press brake controller with offline software

- Delem DA-58T touch screen graphical CNC control
- "Hot-key” touch navigation
- 10.1" high resolution colour TFT
- Up to 4 axes (Y1,Y2 + X+R Axis)
- CNC Hydraulic Crowning control or CNC controlled press brake motorized crowning table
- Tool / material / product library
- Servo and frequency inverter control
- Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed-loop as well as open-loop valves.
- USB memory stick interfacing
- Profile-T offline software

 China ahyw yawei 200T4M CNC metal bending machine Tooling system:

- Full set of Amada-Promecam top tooling in 835mm lengths
- Full set of  Amada-Promecam bottom tooling in 835mm lengths
-  Amada-Promecam Quick release clamps for fast, efficient tool changes

. AHYW 4m 200Tcnc sheet metal press brake bending Motorized Wila Anti-Deflection System Running automatically according to different sheet metal bending profiles programming

4m cnc.jpg

160T4M CNC.jpg

160T4M CNC.jpg

FAQ: How To Keep Your  Press Brake Tooling Cleaning

When you are bending the sheet profiles on a press brake, you cause mill scale to flake off of your material, especailly  when you are bending with mild steel black iron. Regardless of what material you are bending, dust and debris will come off of the metal and will slide down under your dbottom ies. Even if you are bending aluminum.Any material coatings, rust-proofing chemicals, and built-up resin will also flake off during sheet bending cycle.All of these particles are continually building up in and around your  press brake tooling. If you are not always changing your bending tooling, or even if you are, but don’t clean it in long time bending, it will be significantly influence the bending precision of your press brakes. Then if many dust collects, then it probably changing your press brake tooling height, it may change the final metal bending accuracy around 2-3 degrees, so it's really necessary to keep your press brake tooling cleanless.

Wiping oil , as oil can collect dust, then when you are changing it can make a huge difference in the long run for sheet metal bending. Besides cleaning the working surfaces of the press brak tooling, you should also clean underneath your bottom die and wipe off the top part of your upper punch which is connected with the top beam of press brake.Another issue that can affect your press brake tooling is mounting. As you load and unload the tools, must be ensure it's been mounted correctly. The top punch should be mounted under a little pressure to make sure it’s upward connection. You also need to check and verify that your tooling is aligned correctly. Whenever you start running the  your press brake, one of the first things to check is to make sure your tooling is aligned. Keep in mind, if you are using old press brake tooling, you can’t expect to get perfect accuracy without any proper adjusting or replacing.

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